Sunday, 28 June 2009


Further to the latest farewells to people well known, my daughter is convinced that since Michael Jackson and her pet hamster 'Cookie' died within 24 hours of each other, that they were jinxed by her saying "i hope MJ or Cookie never ever die"..... i am quite surprised at her entrepreneurial (is that the right spelling? don't ask Gordon) insight in asking "Dad? Who do you think i should jinx next?"

We can but hope.

The Hedgehog song.......

In the pic is a stupid plastic hedgehog i nicked, about 4 years ago, from a garden 3 doors up (which was at the time a former local (Labour) authority run special needs home). It is still the same thing now since it has been re-opened but neither here nor there, i just had to get the Labour bollocks in because Labour are a bunch of cunts.

Anyway i digress because for some reason, i named this little fucker 'Dan'. And these last few weeks i have been pondering "Why the fuck did i name him Dan?". This afternoon while i was doing a little (unusual for a Sunday) physical activity, it actually hit me with a flash of inspiration, and while i was supposed to be helping my brother clean out some apartments ready for a show launch, i was actually pissing myself laughing near a CD recording of the Q'ran (more later if i can Geert a pic lol) . I used to have a cassette recording of a Reading Rock festival from the early 80's and this is what i remembered......

I hope you enjoy.

Friday, 26 June 2009


Farewell to the legend that is Michael Jackson, i was looking forward to seeing him live in September but it's not meant to be, second star to the right and straight on till morning Michael.

Also a sad farewell to the beautiful Farrah Fawcett, who also left us the same day, a real beauty and now a true angel. I am going to have to grow old eventually but fucked if i am ever going to grow UP.

It really is my conviction that the last money spinning case against Jackson was what actually finished him off, so to all the Jordy Cunting Chandlers of this world, i really hope you're happy, i have a devastated 12 year old daughter to deal with now, so just FUCK THE FUCK OFF AND FUCKING CUNTING DIE YOU LAZY SPONGING LYING BASTARDS!!!!!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

You Bend

In support of GOTs' vendetta against You Bend, here is my attempt at an alternative logo.

Also here is GOTs' video which mysteriously reappeared in another area of You bend.

"I got no strings....

...lying, deluded cunt!!! Don't look too closely though, you might see them.

Monday, 22 June 2009

A friend in need

Seems like the thought police are at it again and censoring free speech and videos, so it is with great joy i link you to The Grumpy Old Twat just to make sure his video gets another airing. So big fucking fingers to all you bastards who would attempt to shut us up and keep our heads down under your jack-boot....JUST FUCK THE FUCK OFF!!!

Oh, and while i'm at it i might, nay WILL repost some of mine.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Cunting little Hitlers....

It seems that my local Sainsbury's, in return for me being a valued customer for over twenty years or more, have assigned me my own Dog Shit inspector. Yes everytime i go in there recently, this bald headed, goateed security guard seems to make me his own pet project and follow me up and down the aisles, i know he is doing it because when i stop halfway down an aisle and look around he always seems to try to appear un interested in me.

It happened again today and the Queer one just thought i was being paranoid, until we were at the checkout and i was talking about it and not actually mentioning him or the situation, a woman from the next checkout came over and said to me "if you are talking about that guard with the bald head, then you're not paranoid because he does it to me all the time too" i thanked her for that because it vindicated me and next time he does it to me i am going to report him to management because it is really fucking me off now. If he has a problem with me then why not just say so instead of trying to make me feel like a cunt? The Queer one says "you can't report him for doing his job" but i can report him for victimization which i am sure is not part of his job description is it?

Sainsburys Security Guards = CUNTS

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Spot the difference....

"A motion to dissolve Parliament and pave the way for an immediate general election has been rejected by MPs."

Bet you a fiver to a pinch of shit that the cunts in control will be satisfied with the first one and won't put it to the vote again.

Sunday, 7 June 2009


Sean Lock on Susan Boyle..."Young extremists are thinking twice about blowing themselves up now they know what a virgin actually looks like"

Friday, 5 June 2009

Enough is E-Fucking-Nough!

Isn't there something in British law that says the current ruling monarch of the country has the power to call a general election?

Surely Her Majesty must be shaking her head right now over this fucking mess? How Does one get hold of ones monarch at such a time?

The Final Cut

Enough said i think.

More knives to twist

Fuck me they're dropping like cunting flies. Smith, Blears, Purnell, Hoon, Hutton and now Caroline fucking Flint. However i love her resignation letter (here copied from Penguins place) and if the bionic chinless cunt had an ounce of humanity, this would be a right old kick in the goolies.

Surely merits a high place in the Milf Scale?

Here's what this quite shaggable bitch has to say:

Dear Gordon

I believe the achievements of the Labour Government to date have been monumental and you have played an immense part in the creation of those achievements.

However, I am extremely disappointed at your failure to have an inclusive Government.

You have a two tier Government. Your inner circle and then the remainder of Cabinet.

I have the greatest respect for the women who have served as full members of Cabinet and for those who attend as and when required. However, few are allowed into your inner circle. Several of the women attending Cabinet – myself included – have been treated by you as little more than female window dressing. I am not willing to attend Cabinet in a peripheral capacity any longer.

In my current role, you advised that I would attend Cabinet when Europe was on the agenda. I have only been invited once since October and not to a single political Cabinet - not even the one held a few weeks before the European elections.

Having worked hard during this campaign, I would not have been party to any plan to undermine you or the Labour Party in the run up to 4 June. So I was extremely angry and disappointed to see newspapers briefed with invented stories of my involvement in a “Pugin Room plot.”

Time and time again I have stepped before the cameras to sincerely defend your reputation in the interests of the Labour Party and the Government as a whole. I am a natural party loyalist. Yet you have strained every sinew of that loyalty.

It has been apparent for some time that you do not see me playing a more influential role in the Government. Therefore, I have respectfully declined your offer to continue in the Government as Minister for attending Cabinet.

I served six years as a backbencher and, therefore, I am not unhappy to be able to devote myself to promoting my constituency’s interests and to support the Labour Government from the backbenches.

This is a personal decision, which I have not discussed with colleagues.


Rt Hon Caroline Flint MP.

Yeah, fucking go split arse!!! And when you're done trying and failing to climb the greasy pole, then get over here and encounter a pole you really can climb.

When is Jonah going to stop deluding himself? They really are going to have to drag him away to the Canvas Coat Happy Home.