Sunday, 30 November 2008


To anybody who likes to bomb and kill innocent people, to those who like to rape and abuse and murder defenceless women and children, to interfering governments and local authorities who pry into every aspect of our daily lives, to jobsworth busybodies who enforce kangaroo court style laws "for our own good" and who know whats best, to the smelly little maggot, to the Banker whose bank has just been bailed out with a share of the 37 billion pounds of taxpayers cash and STILL won't lend, to the unelected PM who used anti-terror laws to try and get money (invested by stupid town councils) from Icelandic banks that went under.....

Thanks to The Lone Voice for use of this pic.

I'm sure i can think of many others to aim this at....

Mormon Alert!!!!!

As i type, two representatives of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are desperately knocking my door but it's all in vain as i am up here fucking telling you lot about it.

They know i'm in as they've just seen me putting out the re-cycling, but as we are having a lazy Sunday, Mrs. Screech has decided to stay in bed (emerging only for brekkie and a cup of hot chockie and to do what women do behind other doors) and the same said for Screech Junior except that she is playing on her Nintendo DS and me...apart from doing the dishes, all i've done today is spend time on here.

So if any of you reading this today are living in the Allt-y-ryn/Barracks Wood area of Newport then be warned....switch off all your lights, lock your doors and pretend to be out because the Mormons are on their way.

The World in Flames (just pictorial)


What has happened in Mumbai as we know, is partly a result of modern weapons falling into the hands of uneducated, medievil savages (yes i know i spelt medieval wrong).

But when you consider that they found British documents on at least two of them it makes you think doesn't it? We are supposed to have a first class education system here so why are so many British born people joining this pointless tantrum. To agree with what they call it and say it's "Holy War" would be like saying to a mugger "ok this wallets yours really"

A war is a two sided fight on a battlefield, not a bunch of yellow fucking cowards, jumping into tube trains, planes and buses or storming tourist hotels and killing defenceless, innocent people.... YOU FUCKING SPINELESS PRIMITIVE CUNTS. If they want "WAR" why don't they pick a time and place and take us out in the open instead of hiding behind a "GOD"

Come men, but then again can you? you treat your women like shit so you can live out your macho fantasies of being the ones who rule, you use your guns as penis extensions but if you want penis extensions why don't you wear gary glitters boots? And tell me why should your men be the ones who rule? why do women have no place in your society other than to cook, clean and bring up your children? Is it because really, secretly deep down you're all so far back in the closet you're in fucking Narnia? Come on "BOYS", when you are at your places of worship with your men only gatherings and prostrating yourselves facing east, who is watching your arses? Not your women that's for sure, because they are "2nd class and not worthy" of being at men only clubs. There are many moons being split among you and none of them matching the description of Earths natural satellite.

Back to Britain, there needs to be a show of public humiliation for all those bearded big mouths who stand up in our parks, town centres etc with megaphones, shouting spite and spouting shite at the civilization and system that feeds, houses and clothes them, and trying to get others to join in this tantrum. I don't mean commit acts of violence against them, but lets see someone else stand up opposite them and not be afraid to shout THEM down, condemn THEIR ideals and THEIR way of death. Dogs usually do a lot of barking before they actually bite, so stop the dogs barking, BARK LOUDER, usually sufficient to send them running with their shit-caked tails between their legs.

Fucking YELLOW SPINELESS CUNTS the lot of them

P.S. Feel free to use any of this wherever you want.

Roll on fucking Christmas

Well, it's the last day of November and time to look back and reflect on the events of the past year.

My department in work is going to fucking shit, well done Ken for falling for the old "I can run it with one less man Ken" line.

Next up came the credit crunch and all this recession and banks collapsing and US footing the bill to prop up the incompetent fuck cunts who caused it all by lending fucking stupid money to people who had no chance of paying it back,

and to further add to that misery for me, i got the cunting CSA fucking chewing my black arse for £121 a spunking week to pay for my fucking arrears. Ok i know i owe about £16,000 and that the day was coming when i would have to pay it fair's fair, but for the last 4 years they have been happy to take £5.60 a week out of my wages, so what's different now? i hear you ask. The thing is, up until August i was just paying for my kids, but once the youngest of them turned 19 that month it was like "WHOA!!! FUCKING PAYDIRT FOR US GUYS NOW!! WE DON'T HAVE TO GIVE HIS KIDS A PENNY MORE BUT SINCE OUR USELESS FUCKING UNELECTED PRIME MINISTER HAS SENT THE COUNTRY DOWN THE SHITTER THEN WE WILL FUCK THE LITTLE GUY FOR WHATEVER WE CAN LEGALLY GET OUT OF HIM"

Well there you are CSA, take your £121 a week out of my wages for the next 2 & 1/2 years, reduce the quality of living for my daughter with my current wife thereby defeating the object of your miserable, insignificant existance. Merry fucking christmas you worthless, cocksucking, penny pinching CUNTS!!!

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Can anybody tell me how to lay out my photographs so as my rantings can appear between my photos as opposed to underneath them all as seems to be the default way on this blog? i can't find instructions on that anywhere, cheers.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Doesn't take long does it?

Armed men have gone on a rampage in Mumbai, killing many innocent people.

An American tourist, who witnessed the attacks said "I'm outraged, my travel agent said I would experience a different culture"

How many Labour politicians does it take to change a lightbulb?

Only one.

But the point is the efficiency of these fantastic politicians. In the same space of time taken to change the lightbulb, the rest of the party can simultaneously turn the economy tits up, allow thousands of immigrants into the country and give out half the population's personal details on one CD.

In light of the recent bailing out of incompetently run banks, using taxpayers money to the tune of 37 billion, and also Mervin King telling the banks to "start lending again or get nationalized" i bet you a fiver to a pinch of shit, that if i were to apply to my bank for a loan of let's say £1,000 yes that's right just a grand, then i would get told to right royally fuck off!!! Trouble is the queer one won't let me try it in case they DO say yes.

Cunts the fucking lot of them!!!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Nuns with Guns

Ok enough fun with nuns for now

Nun to be had

I dunno, must be a fetish for nuns i guess.

Twisted Sister

Not going to rant about the government, nor our non tax cut nor the rancid rent boy (who hitherto shall be known as gag),

though i want to pour petrol on them and make them go woof with a Zippo lighter, snap their spines, pull their heads off, shit down their necks and generally rip their fucking lungs out,

i'm feeling in a rather subdued mood this evening, so i'm going to post a few pictures for us all to ponder for a moment the brighter side of life.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Foolish Fatty

Will somebody please PLEASE tell the fat one that we KNOW that his VAT cut is like giving us a basketball net to store fucking water. Let's put aside the fact that in the near future this little delusional titbit he is handing out to us now is going to be very heavily paid for by more hikes and theft from our wages, and consider the retailers. Slashing the VAT from 17.5% to 15% seems like a great way of boosting the economy at first sight, but we are just over four weeks away from Christmas, which as we all know is when retailers (giants as well as small fry) are smacking their chops with relish at the thought of all that lovely moolah bulging their tills out at the seams, add to that the said retailers xmas campaigns are already long underway, catalogues printed (prices correct at time of going to press etc), and apart from the last maybe one or two days, do they really think we believe that the shops are going to pass that slash in VAT onto us? The cut only makes a difference in what % of the the price paid by the customer has to go to fat gordon and is not a mandate for them to pass the saving onto us. Once again we have been pissed on and told that it is raining

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Teddies & Toys

If like me, you are one of the many millions quite rightly outraged by the death of poor Baby P. and also of the conditions on which he was put through and the circumstances and incompetence with which Haringey Social Services handled the matter, then you would indeed have to have a heart of stone not to be moved at least almost to tears by it all.

There are groups springing up on social networking sites demanding Torch and Pitchfork justice, demanding they be named, demanding the people in the Social Services be sacked etc etc.... and i am also very much in agreement with this too, they deserve no quarter and as far as the eternal pain and torture that some people are demanding they be put through goes, well i can shut my door and put on the headphones to my mp3 player so i won't be hearing their screams....done and dusted, happy days.

But here is where the plot is in serious danger of being sent up shit creek without the proverbial paddle. A group has sprung up now asking for people to donate teddies and toys so that they can be placed at Baby Ps' final resting place. WHY???

I mean the sentiment is admirable, and i really don't mean to offend anybody who wants to do so, but it really is pointless, if half as many people responded to this call as those who sent flowers, the like of which has only ever been surpassed by those for the Late Princess Diana, then there is going to be a serious problem with space, but aside from that, youngsters who are alive now and in similar situations to that poor child, would benefit more from it if more practical donations were made to a reputable childrens protection organization such as the NSPCC.

As beautiful a gesture as flowers & toys at his graveside is, the love of a nation is there with him now and the material resources would be better directed elsewhere.

God rest you Baby P. May you have peace after such a stormy time.

Democracy dies in a firestorm.

So is this the way things are going to be? The powers that be persecute (or endorse the persecution of) the unfortunate members or associates of the BNP who happened to have their names, addresses and phone numbers published on the internet recently).

Now correct me if i am wrong, but the last i heard was that the BNP is a legal political party? So how can ANY employer, public or private, justify hounding out of their jobs, people who are associated with this list just because they don't agree with the politics?

Well MY suspicion is that they actually DO agree and are just too afraid to stick their heads above the trenches in case they get shot at. Here's a revelation (not)....we are ALL being shot at, we have given this authoritarian government the right to erode our rights to democracy and free speech, with the acid reign of political correctness to weaken the peoples resolve, soon to be enforced by the mighty jackboot just to keep us all in line for our "own protection"

Now HERE is the money was US who have let them stay in power for 3 terms of office.....If you think Davros brown is going to let go now or at any time in the near future, then think again. He won't, he will leave it until the last possible date to call an election, that is if there is such a recourse left now.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Black Ice

I was offered in work this morning two tickets to see the godlike AC/DC at the O2 arena for fifty notes apiece. THE BASTARDS!!!!! I don't have enough fucking cash, apart from the fact that i can only trust some people in that place as far as i can fucking kick them so i can't be sure whether or not it was genuine, i just didn't have the fucking readies.....THE BASTARDS!!!!!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Lighting up

Today we went down to watch the switching on of the lights in Newport Town Centre (It IS a town and always WILL be a town).....which was nice.

No seriously, it was quite pleasant, yes you had your usual rabble of undisciplined chav brats climbing on phone boxes to get a better view and smoking their state sponsored (for state read you and i) Mayfair or Dorchester brand of cigarettes, and i'm sure that more than once i caught a whiff of something that was definitely NOT state sponsored {:-)))

Generally though the crowd was quite well behaved and a good time was had by all. It was a bit irksome having to stand and wait (we got there at 4.55) for 35 minutes with my nineteen month old nephew sitting in the crook of my arm but it was worth the wait in the end because his face was a picture when the fireworks started, never having seen them before, there was such a melee of light and colour the poor kid really didn't know which way to cast his gaze. After the display, which ended with more of a subdued pfftt than a bang, the queer one and i, along with our daughter, her friend and our nephew made our way through a slow but well behaved crowd back to the car, dropped friend and nephew to respective homes and then proceeded to decorate our home in a festive fashion. It is a tradition in our house every year that we decorate when town is officially lit up, good enough for them , good enough for us.

It's only a pity that i didn't stay behind for a while to watch "Killer Queen" a Queen tribute band that came on immediately the fireworks had finished, as the few songs we heard as we were walking away sounded bloody good.

Anyway that's my sunday reported, not what i intended as i needed to replace the headlight and indicator on my car (after in incident involving a multi storey carpark wall barrier and myself wearing sunglasses) but the queer one seems to have mislaid the new indicator, oh well back to C.A.R. i go

Wednesday, 12 November 2008


While i'm thinking about it, why is it when given guidelines on any subject matter, be it on how to handle the public, how many cups of tea are recommended per life time, or what not to call your goldfish in case you upset your colleagues long lost second cousin twice removeds' Nigerian great aunts hamsters sphincter doctor ( i think you get what i mean by now) that some greasy little muppet always takes it upon themselves to try and pass said guidelines (and the clue is in the word "guidelines") as cast in stone? Blah blah blah....yada yada.....yackety schmackety blahh blahh bullshit and so on and so forth, then before you know it you are hauled in front of the latest human rights based kangaroo court for breaking rules and laws that don't even exist. (this applies to pole climbing butt plugs from all walks of life)

A good example in question (and i forget where i saw the video now) was two of our "finest" (cue Laurel & Hardy whistling) telling a man he was breaking the law by filming them from his own garden and trying to get him to stop filming and then beating a hasty retreat when they heard over the radio that there was in fact no law against it, ok that deviated from guidlines a bit, but it's a perfect example of how things are out of control and how things that don't even exist suddenly materialize for the convenience of others...cunts the fucking lot of them