Wednesday, 12 November 2008


While i'm thinking about it, why is it when given guidelines on any subject matter, be it on how to handle the public, how many cups of tea are recommended per life time, or what not to call your goldfish in case you upset your colleagues long lost second cousin twice removeds' Nigerian great aunts hamsters sphincter doctor ( i think you get what i mean by now) that some greasy little muppet always takes it upon themselves to try and pass said guidelines (and the clue is in the word "guidelines") as cast in stone? Blah blah blah....yada yada.....yackety schmackety blahh blahh bullshit and so on and so forth, then before you know it you are hauled in front of the latest human rights based kangaroo court for breaking rules and laws that don't even exist. (this applies to pole climbing butt plugs from all walks of life)

A good example in question (and i forget where i saw the video now) was two of our "finest" (cue Laurel & Hardy whistling) telling a man he was breaking the law by filming them from his own garden and trying to get him to stop filming and then beating a hasty retreat when they heard over the radio that there was in fact no law against it, ok that deviated from guidlines a bit, but it's a perfect example of how things are out of control and how things that don't even exist suddenly materialize for the convenience of others...cunts the fucking lot of them

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Reversepsychology said...

It's called New Labour Fascism, where anything goes once you wear their universally recognised uniform, or sign up hook line and sinker to some politically correct mandate.

What can you do about it?

"Bug the fuck out of them on-line"....

I find that Pictorial Form is a winner - every pic on here is a negative image in some way, shape or form of this incompetent shower of government, and when thats not enough, I reach for youtube and make videos As Such

I have to go by the name of "Doitmyselfagain" on youtube as "Reversepsychology" was banned some time ago for making libelous videos about the BBC.

Still hasn't stopped me though.