Sunday, 23 November 2008

Teddies & Toys

If like me, you are one of the many millions quite rightly outraged by the death of poor Baby P. and also of the conditions on which he was put through and the circumstances and incompetence with which Haringey Social Services handled the matter, then you would indeed have to have a heart of stone not to be moved at least almost to tears by it all.

There are groups springing up on social networking sites demanding Torch and Pitchfork justice, demanding they be named, demanding the people in the Social Services be sacked etc etc.... and i am also very much in agreement with this too, they deserve no quarter and as far as the eternal pain and torture that some people are demanding they be put through goes, well i can shut my door and put on the headphones to my mp3 player so i won't be hearing their screams....done and dusted, happy days.

But here is where the plot is in serious danger of being sent up shit creek without the proverbial paddle. A group has sprung up now asking for people to donate teddies and toys so that they can be placed at Baby Ps' final resting place. WHY???

I mean the sentiment is admirable, and i really don't mean to offend anybody who wants to do so, but it really is pointless, if half as many people responded to this call as those who sent flowers, the like of which has only ever been surpassed by those for the Late Princess Diana, then there is going to be a serious problem with space, but aside from that, youngsters who are alive now and in similar situations to that poor child, would benefit more from it if more practical donations were made to a reputable childrens protection organization such as the NSPCC.

As beautiful a gesture as flowers & toys at his graveside is, the love of a nation is there with him now and the material resources would be better directed elsewhere.

God rest you Baby P. May you have peace after such a stormy time.

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