Sunday, 30 November 2008


What has happened in Mumbai as we know, is partly a result of modern weapons falling into the hands of uneducated, medievil savages (yes i know i spelt medieval wrong).

But when you consider that they found British documents on at least two of them it makes you think doesn't it? We are supposed to have a first class education system here so why are so many British born people joining this pointless tantrum. To agree with what they call it and say it's "Holy War" would be like saying to a mugger "ok this wallets yours really"

A war is a two sided fight on a battlefield, not a bunch of yellow fucking cowards, jumping into tube trains, planes and buses or storming tourist hotels and killing defenceless, innocent people.... YOU FUCKING SPINELESS PRIMITIVE CUNTS. If they want "WAR" why don't they pick a time and place and take us out in the open instead of hiding behind a "GOD"

Come men, but then again can you? you treat your women like shit so you can live out your macho fantasies of being the ones who rule, you use your guns as penis extensions but if you want penis extensions why don't you wear gary glitters boots? And tell me why should your men be the ones who rule? why do women have no place in your society other than to cook, clean and bring up your children? Is it because really, secretly deep down you're all so far back in the closet you're in fucking Narnia? Come on "BOYS", when you are at your places of worship with your men only gatherings and prostrating yourselves facing east, who is watching your arses? Not your women that's for sure, because they are "2nd class and not worthy" of being at men only clubs. There are many moons being split among you and none of them matching the description of Earths natural satellite.

Back to Britain, there needs to be a show of public humiliation for all those bearded big mouths who stand up in our parks, town centres etc with megaphones, shouting spite and spouting shite at the civilization and system that feeds, houses and clothes them, and trying to get others to join in this tantrum. I don't mean commit acts of violence against them, but lets see someone else stand up opposite them and not be afraid to shout THEM down, condemn THEIR ideals and THEIR way of death. Dogs usually do a lot of barking before they actually bite, so stop the dogs barking, BARK LOUDER, usually sufficient to send them running with their shit-caked tails between their legs.

Fucking YELLOW SPINELESS CUNTS the lot of them

P.S. Feel free to use any of this wherever you want.

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