Thursday, 27 November 2008

Doesn't take long does it?

Armed men have gone on a rampage in Mumbai, killing many innocent people.

An American tourist, who witnessed the attacks said "I'm outraged, my travel agent said I would experience a different culture"

How many Labour politicians does it take to change a lightbulb?

Only one.

But the point is the efficiency of these fantastic politicians. In the same space of time taken to change the lightbulb, the rest of the party can simultaneously turn the economy tits up, allow thousands of immigrants into the country and give out half the population's personal details on one CD.

In light of the recent bailing out of incompetently run banks, using taxpayers money to the tune of 37 billion, and also Mervin King telling the banks to "start lending again or get nationalized" i bet you a fiver to a pinch of shit, that if i were to apply to my bank for a loan of let's say £1,000 yes that's right just a grand, then i would get told to right royally fuck off!!! Trouble is the queer one won't let me try it in case they DO say yes.

Cunts the fucking lot of them!!!

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