Monday, 24 November 2008

Foolish Fatty

Will somebody please PLEASE tell the fat one that we KNOW that his VAT cut is like giving us a basketball net to store fucking water. Let's put aside the fact that in the near future this little delusional titbit he is handing out to us now is going to be very heavily paid for by more hikes and theft from our wages, and consider the retailers. Slashing the VAT from 17.5% to 15% seems like a great way of boosting the economy at first sight, but we are just over four weeks away from Christmas, which as we all know is when retailers (giants as well as small fry) are smacking their chops with relish at the thought of all that lovely moolah bulging their tills out at the seams, add to that the said retailers xmas campaigns are already long underway, catalogues printed (prices correct at time of going to press etc), and apart from the last maybe one or two days, do they really think we believe that the shops are going to pass that slash in VAT onto us? The cut only makes a difference in what % of the the price paid by the customer has to go to fat gordon and is not a mandate for them to pass the saving onto us. Once again we have been pissed on and told that it is raining

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