Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Looks like the family of scumbag Alex Simmons are under police protection after recieving death threats (presumably from pissed off locals).

Good!!! I'm glad some fucker is taking action, albeit anonymously, but the thing that burns my bladder is this....where the fucking hell was the police protection for Fiona Pilkington and her daughter when they called 33 cunting times? If the plod can sit for hours at a time on the roadside trying to catch unwitting transgressors of the speed limit going one mile an hour over the speed limit, then why can't they spend time on estates where there is known to be antisocial behaviour from cuntsticks like Simmons? What was that? Nooooo seriously? You're not trying to tell me that our good old boys in the thin blue line are more concerned about making money through speeding fines than keeping us all safe from feral rat boys are you?

The smelly cunt has been wearing the same
stinking clothes for ages, and the "BIG MAN"
rides a girly pink bike....poof!!!

Before long i can see decent folk rising up and reclaiming the streets from this filth, because the law of this country has proven itself beyond all reasonable doubt to be a nothing short of a national fucking disgrace, and the police seem to have forgotten that they are supposed to be there to serve and protect us from this disease, after all it is we who pay their wages (in more ways than fucking one.) Yup another tick on McSnottys' wish list of ways to send the country down the fucking pan.

And to cap it all, i ran out of petrol on the apex of the New bridge over the Usk this evening. Having rolled the car as far as the bottom of the bridge ramp i then had to push (power steering gone with no engine running) from the bridge to the Newport car auction place where we waited for a friend to come down with a jerry can. Whilst i was pushing it from the bridge ramp, a fucking police car passed us, the driver just looked and then deciding they'd made enough money from innocent motorists for the day, just fucking sped on.... THE BASTARDS!!! The only person who actually pulled up and asked me if i needed a hand was a muslim, but as i was almost where i needed to go i thankfully declined his offer because he would hold up more traffic by pulling in.
So as you can imagine i'm right royally fucked off tonight, so i'm off to see if i can find anything with an obliteratory content under the kitchen sink.....

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Celebrity Twat List #10

Jordan, AKA Katie Clapped out Copy Cunt Price.

Where do i get fucking started with this jizz junkie? We all know she is a publicity whore of biblical proportions but i wish she would know when to shut the fuck up and die. Peter Andre may be a dick of spiralling magnitude, but at least he has the sense and dignity to keep his trap mostly zipped whilst his cum slut ex shags her way around Europe, and then screams rape. Being the cynical opiniated cunt that i am, i think that putting out like she has since the break up of her marriage is a funny way of coping with it. Then she whines about him getting a TV slot (personally i thought he'd been sleeping with a TV for the last 5 years) and goes out flashing more flesh. And here's the best bit....after shagging around the spanish night clubs and seeing two bit actor, she then has the nerve to whinge about Andre having another woman. The words pot, kettle and black come prominently to mind here.

Katie here's a tip love, look to our glorious leader for some help with your illness.

Image found on Fidos page (changes made by me)

There's gold in tham thar envelopes....

Can't help noticing recently an amazing way to help ones' self through the recession....sell your gold!!! Really it's that simple, just phone the company or contact them on line and they will send you an envelope, into which you put your prized family jewels, and providing a dodgy postman doesn't realize where the envelope is heading (with the words Cash & Gold somewhere in the address) then they will assess the value of your gold and send you the cash!!!!! Gee..... my faith in human nature has been restored. Once the required amount of gold has been amassed you can then be rest assured that Gordon will sell it at a third of its value.

How fucking gullible do these grasping cunts think we are? Put your stuff into an envelope and send it, through the post to someone you have never met and expect to get cash back? Fuck me anybody who falls for that deserves to be cunting ripped off.