Monday, 31 August 2009

Coming soon to a closed post office near you...

Let's hope that the Royal Mail will soon be printing these off and that GOT gets all design royalties.

Would you buy ANYTHING from this cunt?

On weekends he also does kids' parties.

I see that after 10 series, they are finally pulling the plug on Blue Oyster Bar Live sorry, Big Brother. Well i have to say i'm fucking gutted (not). What started out in 2000 as innovative experimental TV, with a few grand thrown in for anyone daft enough to last so long under the gaze of a nation, rapidly spiralled into a total farce making celebrities out of no-fucker divas. It is just so typical of TV bosses in the UK though. In other countries they let the contestants get on with it, set them a few tasks and shake it up a bit now and then and it works....but this lot? Noooooooo, C4 & Endemol had to try and be clever and disappear up their own arsecracks (as well as those of the contestants they are fixing to win) and fuck about with the format all the time. The only one that has been worth watching this year has been Marcus (and he is a dick of the highest order) Since they tried to pin a racist rap on him earlier on in the show and he basically told them to shut the fuck up because they couldn't make it stick, they have been out to nail him with whatever they can (sound familiar?). So what we are left with now are two raging homos, a dike spike, a mincing little girlboy who doesn't know what his sexuality is, a cross dressing Iranian who hasn't yet been told he's gay and a walking, talking pair of tits.

I will tune in next year for the last rites of a program which has wrongly been influencing the lives of celebrity cult minded chavs for years and see that it hopefully incinerates on the bonfire of history