Sunday, 23 November 2008

Democracy dies in a firestorm.

So is this the way things are going to be? The powers that be persecute (or endorse the persecution of) the unfortunate members or associates of the BNP who happened to have their names, addresses and phone numbers published on the internet recently).

Now correct me if i am wrong, but the last i heard was that the BNP is a legal political party? So how can ANY employer, public or private, justify hounding out of their jobs, people who are associated with this list just because they don't agree with the politics?

Well MY suspicion is that they actually DO agree and are just too afraid to stick their heads above the trenches in case they get shot at. Here's a revelation (not)....we are ALL being shot at, we have given this authoritarian government the right to erode our rights to democracy and free speech, with the acid reign of political correctness to weaken the peoples resolve, soon to be enforced by the mighty jackboot just to keep us all in line for our "own protection"

Now HERE is the money was US who have let them stay in power for 3 terms of office.....If you think Davros brown is going to let go now or at any time in the near future, then think again. He won't, he will leave it until the last possible date to call an election, that is if there is such a recourse left now.

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