Sunday, 16 November 2008

Lighting up

Today we went down to watch the switching on of the lights in Newport Town Centre (It IS a town and always WILL be a town).....which was nice.

No seriously, it was quite pleasant, yes you had your usual rabble of undisciplined chav brats climbing on phone boxes to get a better view and smoking their state sponsored (for state read you and i) Mayfair or Dorchester brand of cigarettes, and i'm sure that more than once i caught a whiff of something that was definitely NOT state sponsored {:-)))

Generally though the crowd was quite well behaved and a good time was had by all. It was a bit irksome having to stand and wait (we got there at 4.55) for 35 minutes with my nineteen month old nephew sitting in the crook of my arm but it was worth the wait in the end because his face was a picture when the fireworks started, never having seen them before, there was such a melee of light and colour the poor kid really didn't know which way to cast his gaze. After the display, which ended with more of a subdued pfftt than a bang, the queer one and i, along with our daughter, her friend and our nephew made our way through a slow but well behaved crowd back to the car, dropped friend and nephew to respective homes and then proceeded to decorate our home in a festive fashion. It is a tradition in our house every year that we decorate when town is officially lit up, good enough for them , good enough for us.

It's only a pity that i didn't stay behind for a while to watch "Killer Queen" a Queen tribute band that came on immediately the fireworks had finished, as the few songs we heard as we were walking away sounded bloody good.

Anyway that's my sunday reported, not what i intended as i needed to replace the headlight and indicator on my car (after in incident involving a multi storey carpark wall barrier and myself wearing sunglasses) but the queer one seems to have mislaid the new indicator, oh well back to C.A.R. i go

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