Friday, 31 July 2009

Fookin' 'ell....

I must be missed, i have one more follower than the last time i looked on here. Seriously though, just last weekend i was having a chinwag with Fido (not that our dear friend NEEDS any pointing to) and telling him that since the Euro election failed dismally to unseat the fat, one eyed, useless, snotbox digging, shreddie moistening, lying, deluded, stupid, pathetic, lonely (even though he is married to a woman that i would probably only last about ten strokes with) Scottish idiotic CUNT, the wind had been knocked out of my sails a little bit. But i really shouldn't feel sorry for myself, the main reason being that although a good part of my blogging is political, an even gooder part of it is about things that piss me off.

So, yeah....i think that is what i should start concentrating on.....stop feeling sorry for myself, kick my moody, adolescent brat out of her pit for an hour or two (at least per week) until i get my next computer, and fucking blog. I said to Fido (and Fido if you can please possibly remind me of the subject) that ther is something i wanted to spout my shite about and as soon as i remember it (too much Russian Standard right now) i will put it up.

G.O.T...... Thanks for your concern mate, i know i've been quiet, but apart from what i've just spoken about there are a few other private issues prevailing, but rest assured i will be back and i am working on a new vid, give my best wishes to The Eye, i'm glad to hear that he is recovering, and also my regards go to Lawson, I am glad to hear that you too are pulling/have pulled (heh heh he said pulled dude) out of your sick phase too.

Regardez all, i am coming back soon.


Lawson Narse said...

All the best to you Screech. Look forward to seeing the vid soon mate.

G.O.T. said...

Thank fuck you're ok anyway Screech.
It's been a bit dodgy around my way recently, as you know, and I was beginning to worry again.

Great to see TheEye and Lawson back though and both blogging as well as ever.

L8rs ;-)