Thursday, 19 November 2009


Recently my posts have been fewer and further between than great ideas from GB Government. But on the same token, i have been noticing and reading most of the blogs that matter and even though i haven't commented much they have sunk in. I'm just going through a really fucking silly phase lately.

Right, this evening i've imbibed/ingested/drunk " industrial amounts of red wine" * and actually noticed that i can create another blog on the same account, so i fucking did....problem is, due to drinking " industrial amounts of red wine" * i haven't got a fucking clue as to what the theme could be, my political bandwagon has basically run its course, even though i'm gargantuanally fucked off with the GB Government.

Anyway, i've named this new blog " We've got lumps of it round the back."

What i am asking of you, my friends, is an idea as to what this thing could be about? I really enjoy reading all your blogs, whether they be rants, funnies, or sillies.....and i know a few of you have found mine amusing to say the least, but as i said i need a new course so any ideas, no matter how inapropriate/daft/farfetched/or taboo they my be, would be appreciated. Cheers guys (and Gals so as not to offend the PC who might stumble across my ramblings. I really need to find a niche here.

* (c) Grumpy Old Twat.


Killer said...

I had that phase and I have only come out of it!!!

banned said...

How about an updateable list of Labour/public service crimes against the public ?