Friday, 22 January 2010

Let it snow.....


One can't help but wonder at the incompetence of ones local authorities. Not 45 minutes ago, i decided to pop over to the local Twatco sorry Tesco to get some chocolate for the Queer One and some ales for thyself, and on the way up my hill, lo and frigging behold, two orange flashing lights appear in view. 'Hmmmmm.....' one thinks to ones self '...a gritter?' After driving on a few yards, i looked at the temperature on the Motherships' dash and it read 7 degrees c. There are no snow or ice warnings in effect in my area. So what's happening?

The Civic Centre, home to the backward thinking
Newport Shitty Council

Anybody remember the snow we had last week and the week before? They couldn't get grit in for love nor fucking money and now.....? They are throwing it about like....well....snow.

Bunch of money squandering cunt-tards.

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Brew Wales said...

Probably realised they have too much grit and have to use it up before the departmental budgets are issued in a few months.