Saturday, 23 January 2010

Sick as a parrot

I just gots to get me one of these

Trouble is, can anybody see where this is heading? Apart from flying it around neighbours windows and trying to catch some fit bird in a state of undress, (yeah it's as noisy as fuck now, but it's only a matter of time before they release quieter versions) it also means that anybody can now be a snoop for their local authority, to see what you're throwing away, to tell them you are having one unit too many out your back yard while you're having a BBQ with friends, even to inform that you are showing too much flesh should you be of the rotund variety of the species.

Let's see how long it is before the councils themselves send snooper cars around equipped with these things which can be controlled by an I-Phone or I-pod Touch. Really, we can all be in surveillance now, so it might be able to work the other way too ;-)


Fidothedog said...

The latest toy for internet pervs, no need to go out an spy on the fit bird getting changed, just fly the drone to the bathroom window.

Then upload to Youporn, probably...

banned said...

Got to get one soon because they will soon illegalize it for fear of the plebs using it to spy on the Police at demos and wotnot.