Friday, 10 April 2009

Darwin award for Harpie

Harman whinging on about the BNP

"Most people are not aware the BNP is standing," she said. "It is below the radar. There is very low public awareness of these elections."  Low  public awareness that was until She started whining about it, what better way to bring attention to it. If there is such ""low public awareness" why is she worrying i wonder?


Dazed and Confused said...

This odious witch has got some front to openly whinge about anybody - even the B.N.P., who these day's, are only a better option to people because of what her own vile party have subjected the rest of this Nation to in the last thirteen long Years.

God I hate New Labour scum! - Every last one of them!

Screech said...

They're fucked and they know it, it is just last acts of desperation now to draw attention to one unsavoury element and away from the bigger unsavoury element which is themselves.

Dazed and Confused said...

It's also the easiest option of attack, as She will find no objections amongst other Political parties - but then what else would you expect from Harperson.

Thing is, - why are the far left deemed the paragons of holy virtue these days? - I mean, Communism has killed over 100 million people Worldwide in less than a Century. Why are the far left deemed respectable by New Labour? - Why do New Labour fund these groups with tax payers monies? - Why are New Labour joining with these groups to educate us all on the evils of Fascism, but not Communism?

Is Communism "Cool" these days with our New Labour masters? - Or Is it that the facade of their former Marxist alliances, are now finally becoming transparent?

Screech said...

it all boils down to the same thing in my eyes, a bunch of tax thieving, authoritarian scumfucks, who like to keep us under the jack boot, fascism, communism, marxism call it what you want, i never went so deep as to differentiate, they are all just power hungry control freaks.

Dazed and Confused said...

I see by reading This article that the Tories are also becoming increasingly worried about the rise of the B.N.P.

I hope they don't join forces with New Labour to fight them! - Or I will be annoyed!

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Nice one Harriet, you silly cow.
Another own goal for Labour.