Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Under rated beauty

I would just like to share a thought (although admittedly random) about a true, living classic beauty. And although she will be 79 this coming october, (no i have not got a penchant for grannies either, even though there are some canny looking boilers who are a few years older than me), i think she deserves a mention, especially as these days, the household names we know and love are dropping like flies around Gordons mouth. Partly inspired by our very own Tory Poppins, and also partly inspired by an idea for my next video, allow me to give homage to Julie Andrews.

From Mary Poppins, through Maria, to Queen Lillian in the Shrek films (via getting her  not too shabby baps out as Sally Farmer in S.O.B.) you have to admit, that Ms. Andrews has covered a wide spectrum of roles and played them admirably. It was only whilst watching Mary Poppins recently, that it came to my attention that this lady possesses true beauty and even in recent years, this has not really faded. My hat and my heart is tipped to a real living legend.

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