Thursday, 9 April 2009

Gotta love 'em

So the baton happy scumbag sorry dedicated officer who potentially clubbed Ian Tomlinson to the ground potentially causing his potential death has come forward to be counted. "At least he has the spine to own up to his unthinking actions" i hear you say? Not a fucking chance. He only came forward when the video footage showing the incident came into the public view. And then it was not until two days after it was shown.

Last night, a Scotland Yard spokesman said "Earlier today a Metropolitan Police Service Officer identified himself to his team leader as being potentially involved in the incident shown on the video" Potentially? What the fuck does he mean by potentially? If the man wasn't there in the first place he would have had no reason to put himself forward would he?

"A total of four MPS officers, inclusive of this officer, have now come forward with potentially relevant information" There he goes with his fucking "potentially" again. What he means is that unless one of the cops present blows the whistle, there is really no way of identifying the culprit and they are therefore most likely to get off scot free. I notice that all the other officers present are lying low.


Old Bag said...

this pig is a spineless piece of just know he's gonna have some sort of excuse to get him off the hook. total cunt.

Screech said...

and you can bet your last breath of life that Jacq boots will fucking whitewash over it too, saying what a marvellous fucking job they are doing under pressure.

Houdini said...

It's a conspiracy to get these publicly minded officers. They protect us from harm and serve us without thought of pension or job or personal harm or...oh wait, the fuckers do fuckall but try and protect their jobs, pensions and excuse themselves from putting themselves in any way in harms way.

Cunts all who serve themselves before any other consideration. The old fashioned British Bobby is long dead and retired, the new fuckers are PC pension grabbing, early retirement sick chitty cunting fuckong cunts who would rather, and only good for, sitting in lay bys waiting for you to hit 30.5 in a 30 mile limit to give you a ticket and a fine.

Cunts all.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Took the cunt a week to come forward though and only because of pressure from the media and blogland.
Another nail in Labours coffin, banged in by The Guardian, ROTFL.