Thursday, 14 May 2009

8 more things....

1. The chargehand where i work, he is lazy, smelly and limp wristed, everything is a chore for him and we are just carrying him all the time, he knows fuck all and does fuck all.

2. Newport shitty Counsil, bunch of fucking hoons who think it's ok to rip up every other road and set up 4 way temporary traffic light systems just because they are shitting themselves to get ready for the Ryder Cup 2010.

3. Speaker Michael (Gorbals Mick) Martin. This Uber Hoon thinks it's ok to shut people the fuck up (Kate Hoey) in the house when they are exorcising free speech, just because he doesn't think his paymasters will like what they have to say...CUNT.

4. Gin, most disgusting drink EVER.

5. Broccoli and any other green veg except for peas and occasionally green beans, Jacqui Smith is OUT of the question.

6. The Fiat Multipla...has to be the spazziest car i've ever seen on the road, they should qualify for the governments £2,000 scrappage scheme on looks alone. Get these eysores off the fucking road.

Fiat ugly motherfucking motor

7. The mouthy fucking pissheads who gather round my street every wednesday night at 2 am after fucking student night, christ if they got a job they wouldn't need the beer to be fucking subsidized would they the lazy cunts.

8. TK Maxx...every time i go in there i see something i want but never have the fucking cash to buy it (no they don't just do chav clothes, they do some quite nice garden gear)


Old Bag said...

well, that tagging thing sure got you fired up dear!
i used to work near bristol uni and i can tell you that all students are uniformly drunken cunts. who pay for a packet of chewing gum with there card so they can have cash back. wankers.

i had no idea that TKMaxx sold non-chav stuff..maybe thats just the bristol branch.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thanks, Screech, for taking pity on me.

BTW, my son is living around your way. He's a Stewdunt up at Caerleon.

The Fiat Multipla. I had a friend who had a green one, just like the one in the picture. It's the sort of car Lembit Opik should be made to drive. Then, nobody would be in any doubt that he is a tit.

Dillinger737 said...

I've got one for you. The great state of Pennsylvania in the great country of the United States. I drove across it last weekend. On 1 single highway they had closed off 46 miles of road in different places to do road work. They were only working in a total of 3 miles of that. Those are exact numbers I measured them.