Monday, 4 May 2009

I want a ringside seat

So the Harperson has expressly denied that she has any intention of placing herself in a leadership contest should the King Cabbage for any reason no longer be PM or leader of the party.

Well, as anybody who has had even the slightest, cursory experience of politics should well know, one of the first things learnt, is when someone speaks, they are invariably lying. So in the future i look forward to seeing Harman limber up (or should that be limp up) to the ring and take her place among the growing number of back-stabbers in Browns government. Either way you know it's going to be a huge fucking shambles, and she is most likely going to end up with a kick in the clout that she will never forget. 



Anonymous said...

Lieing bitch. She's been plotting her takeover for weeks. Yet another unelected Prime Minister appearing on the horizon. Give me strength!

Oh, hang on, that'll be another excellent opportunity for us to rev some fucks into another fucktard then.


btw, excellent pic of Harmocchio, mate.

Old Bag said...

of course that harpybiny doesnt want to be PM..gordoom better keep an eye on who makes him tea from now on...