Monday, 18 May 2009


I've been listening to the radio all day today for news of the fat bastard being given his marching orders, and lo and fucking behold he is still there, bold as brass. When is this cunt going to get the message? Even Gordoom, like Pilate, has washed his hands of him and thrown him to the mob.

Yet the pig turns around and says the motion of no confidence tabled against him has no validity because it was not brought by the government. He can't do the job he was brought in to do, doesn't know procedure even though he has been in the job for nine spunking years, he can't even read off a sheet of paper for fucks sake. Did he not hear the one eyed wonder when he said it was a matter for mps? Does he really think he is so un-fucking-touchable? 

I personally don't think the lamp post strong enough for the likes of Massive Mick and Porky Prescott has been designed or built, so might i suggest the gantry of Tower Bridge? It would be a fitting landmark i reckon.

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