Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Tag, you're it.

Seems like i wasn't immune to this tag nonsense, cheers Fido. Where to rip.

1. Bono....posturing, self righteous cunt, enough said.

2. John Lydon, meant something in his day, but he's now just an irritating prick who advertises butter.

3. The sinister use of children in ads and propoganda to bring us round to the righteous way of thinking using emotional blackmail.

4. Britain's got talent...yeah? who are they fucking trying to kid?

5. The McCain oven chips advert from about two years back, did anybody ever notice the communist imagery in that? Scary.

6. The smoking ban, even though i no longer smoke, this has been a major contributing factor in the closure of many traditional British pubs in the last few years, fucking do-gooding nanny cunts.

7. bottom feeding pikey chav scum, who exist solely to leech the benefits from those of us who are  bothered enough to get out of bed in the morning, under some misguided belief that we bust our balls for eight hours or more a day to put food on our tables.

8. My tits are nearly as big as my wifes.

Tags Opinionated Crybaby (seems like every fucker else has been caught)


Old Bag said...

yup, i got tagged, too!..awesome list deary! utter afree with all of your list!..but wheres dear old gordoom? you missed him!

Screech said...

My dear Old Bag, he was included amongst the righteous in gripe #3, though the Great Trouser Wetter really goes without mentioning because every fucker hates him anyway.