Sunday, 10 May 2009

Hoon of the month (collective)

I would like to nominate Newport Shitty Council as my Hoon of the Month. In the first photo , the white line is the route i normally take to get to most places i need to go, i turn off at point 'A' then happy days off i go.

Now due to gas main relaying at point 'A' and therefore temporary 3 way traffic lights which take a fucking age, i now follow the red line through point 'B' which although a pain in the arse, only adds a minute or two to the journey and still gets me to where i need to go. The true problem is, if you look at the close up of point 'B' you will notice, in the red circle that there is space to park....ON  A FUCKING CORNER FOR FUCKS FUCKING SAKE!!!! On the other corner there are double yellow lines so no-one can park on the corner which is the way it should be, but on the corner where parking is allowed, there is normally a huge, white transit fucking van parked there (probably the cunt driving down there in the pic) so that i have to creep out into the middle of the fucking road, risking my life as well as others, because i can't see anything coming from the left, before i can carry on over the junction to where i need to go. I'D LOVE TO MEET THE CUNT WHO DESIGNATED THAT ONE!

One more thing that really fucks me the fuck off, in the third picture is the route i have to take to and from my estate. The red line is where, when i come home from work, there is normally a fucking huge line of cars parked, leaving only one side of the road for residents, and emergency services, to get in and out of the estate. Add to that, the road is on quite a slope too. The culprits? Fucking council staff from the nearby Civic Cunting Centre!!! Oh double line every fucking where round the Civic Cunting Centre yes... but fuck the scrotes from the local estate, after all they are only the fucking proles, the great unwashed, they don't matter. As long as THEY can park somewhere that's fucking ok then. Where the fuck do these thieving, authoritarian cunts get off?

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