Monday, 25 May 2009

Not quiet, just busy

Been busy with family life of late, but i don't want things to quieten down with regards to the Uber Cunt Jacqui Smith.

She is even denying MPs the democracy so long enshrined in law in this country. Look at her pic too, she is looking so tired and desperate these days, let's hope the stress gets rid of her.

So just to re-iterate, Jacqui Smith, the porn loving, kebab scoffing, slack jawed home secretary is a CUNT!!


Fidothedog said...

Good man, played the cunt card on Smith myself.

Anonymous said...

I do soooo luv the opportunity to call Jacqui Smith a cunt.

Jacqui Smith is a cunt.

There, that's better.

Old Bag said...

the consensus in the old bag house is that jacqui smith is indeed, a CUNT.

a monumental, off the scale, 200% with a used kleenex-on-top CUNT.


that has made my day.

Tory Poppins said...

Just looked up definition of cunt in the OED . . .


• noun vulgar slang 1 a woman’s genitals. 2 an unpleasant or stupid person.

— ORIGIN Germanic.

Eg: Jacqui Smith is a cunt.