Wednesday, 27 May 2009

One James Gordon Brown PM (unelected)....

....last seen wandering round a cemetery looking for the burial place of New Labour....i didn't have the heart to tell him he'd lost the plot.


H/T to Lawson for this excellent webpage pic

 As regards to the CUNT of a subject, well you need to look no further than here to find out what the jackbooted CUNT is facing now. We need more to come forward, the more shit thrown, the more shit that sticks.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Whatever floats your boat i suppose...

Found this while peeking over at Fidos

My concern is, what would Jacq Boots do for this poor cows medication problem? Maybe she could make her head interrogator of her SS Division?

Monday, 25 May 2009

Political Asylum

Not quiet, just busy

Been busy with family life of late, but i don't want things to quieten down with regards to the Uber Cunt Jacqui Smith.

She is even denying MPs the democracy so long enshrined in law in this country. Look at her pic too, she is looking so tired and desperate these days, let's hope the stress gets rid of her.

So just to re-iterate, Jacqui Smith, the porn loving, kebab scoffing, slack jawed home secretary is a CUNT!!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Monday, 18 May 2009


I've been listening to the radio all day today for news of the fat bastard being given his marching orders, and lo and fucking behold he is still there, bold as brass. When is this cunt going to get the message? Even Gordoom, like Pilate, has washed his hands of him and thrown him to the mob.

Yet the pig turns around and says the motion of no confidence tabled against him has no validity because it was not brought by the government. He can't do the job he was brought in to do, doesn't know procedure even though he has been in the job for nine spunking years, he can't even read off a sheet of paper for fucks sake. Did he not hear the one eyed wonder when he said it was a matter for mps? Does he really think he is so un-fucking-touchable? 

I personally don't think the lamp post strong enough for the likes of Massive Mick and Porky Prescott has been designed or built, so might i suggest the gantry of Tower Bridge? It would be a fitting landmark i reckon.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

8 more things....

1. The chargehand where i work, he is lazy, smelly and limp wristed, everything is a chore for him and we are just carrying him all the time, he knows fuck all and does fuck all.

2. Newport shitty Counsil, bunch of fucking hoons who think it's ok to rip up every other road and set up 4 way temporary traffic light systems just because they are shitting themselves to get ready for the Ryder Cup 2010.

3. Speaker Michael (Gorbals Mick) Martin. This Uber Hoon thinks it's ok to shut people the fuck up (Kate Hoey) in the house when they are exorcising free speech, just because he doesn't think his paymasters will like what they have to say...CUNT.

4. Gin, most disgusting drink EVER.

5. Broccoli and any other green veg except for peas and occasionally green beans, Jacqui Smith is OUT of the question.

6. The Fiat Multipla...has to be the spazziest car i've ever seen on the road, they should qualify for the governments £2,000 scrappage scheme on looks alone. Get these eysores off the fucking road.

Fiat ugly motherfucking motor

7. The mouthy fucking pissheads who gather round my street every wednesday night at 2 am after fucking student night, christ if they got a job they wouldn't need the beer to be fucking subsidized would they the lazy cunts.

8. TK Maxx...every time i go in there i see something i want but never have the fucking cash to buy it (no they don't just do chav clothes, they do some quite nice garden gear)

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Tag, you're it.

Seems like i wasn't immune to this tag nonsense, cheers Fido. Where to rip.

1. Bono....posturing, self righteous cunt, enough said.

2. John Lydon, meant something in his day, but he's now just an irritating prick who advertises butter.

3. The sinister use of children in ads and propoganda to bring us round to the righteous way of thinking using emotional blackmail.

4. Britain's got talent...yeah? who are they fucking trying to kid?

5. The McCain oven chips advert from about two years back, did anybody ever notice the communist imagery in that? Scary.

6. The smoking ban, even though i no longer smoke, this has been a major contributing factor in the closure of many traditional British pubs in the last few years, fucking do-gooding nanny cunts.

7. bottom feeding pikey chav scum, who exist solely to leech the benefits from those of us who are  bothered enough to get out of bed in the morning, under some misguided belief that we bust our balls for eight hours or more a day to put food on our tables.

8. My tits are nearly as big as my wifes.

Tags Opinionated Crybaby (seems like every fucker else has been caught)

Monday, 11 May 2009

Grinning from ear to ear.

Can't say that i hold any opinion on Colin Farrell as i've never seen anything with him in it, as far as i know, but i love Stewies sarcastic rant at celebrity fashion victims.

Who gives a fuck?

So Katie & Peter have split up, big fucking awwww!!! What tickles me is the amount of silly sheep who never saw it fucking coming. Like they really believed theirs was a "match made in heaven".  It was all about publicity for the cardboard fuckers and nothing else. If there was any real intent there, then it was killed off the moment they decided they were going to open it up to public scrutiny, which says to me that there was nothing but self fucking interest. Just out of interest i commented on GrumpyOldTwats take on this and look at the word verification they gave me, how appropriate.

Slap and tickle...

When the Queer one heard of our poor PMs' predicament with regards to his self slap guide left in a taxi, she immediately came up with the above suggestion.

Too little, too fucking late!

I see MPs from all sides of the floor are now jumping on the apologising bandwagon. Well boo fucking hoo!!! Just like kids caught with their hands in the fucking sweetie jar they think saying sorry will be enough to stop them being sent to bed with a fucking good hiding.

Too fucking late morons! You've been caught fresh and now it's payback time, i hope you all end up fucking destitute like you've made a good many in this country, hang your heads in shame you troughing bastards, what goes around comes around.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Hoon of the month (collective)

I would like to nominate Newport Shitty Council as my Hoon of the Month. In the first photo , the white line is the route i normally take to get to most places i need to go, i turn off at point 'A' then happy days off i go.

Now due to gas main relaying at point 'A' and therefore temporary 3 way traffic lights which take a fucking age, i now follow the red line through point 'B' which although a pain in the arse, only adds a minute or two to the journey and still gets me to where i need to go. The true problem is, if you look at the close up of point 'B' you will notice, in the red circle that there is space to park....ON  A FUCKING CORNER FOR FUCKS FUCKING SAKE!!!! On the other corner there are double yellow lines so no-one can park on the corner which is the way it should be, but on the corner where parking is allowed, there is normally a huge, white transit fucking van parked there (probably the cunt driving down there in the pic) so that i have to creep out into the middle of the fucking road, risking my life as well as others, because i can't see anything coming from the left, before i can carry on over the junction to where i need to go. I'D LOVE TO MEET THE CUNT WHO DESIGNATED THAT ONE!

One more thing that really fucks me the fuck off, in the third picture is the route i have to take to and from my estate. The red line is where, when i come home from work, there is normally a fucking huge line of cars parked, leaving only one side of the road for residents, and emergency services, to get in and out of the estate. Add to that, the road is on quite a slope too. The culprits? Fucking council staff from the nearby Civic Cunting Centre!!! Oh double line every fucking where round the Civic Cunting Centre yes... but fuck the scrotes from the local estate, after all they are only the fucking proles, the great unwashed, they don't matter. As long as THEY can park somewhere that's fucking ok then. Where the fuck do these thieving, authoritarian cunts get off?

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Get 'em in before it's too late

 All put through "on the nod" you know

In a mood

I've had enough of this shower of shit now.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Emperors' new clothes.

Just a variation on the current straight-jacket theme.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Cock-whistle tool of the week.....

....Tommy Walsh.

Notice at the end, just before the camera cuts off him, he reaches for the van door. For fucks sake, just for the sake of an image to keep up, he will make out he gets into the van with all that tool belt malarkey around his waist. There is a fucking hammer dangling down to his cunting knee as well, can you imagine the soft twat really trying to get in the van with that pile of shit around him, and does he honestly expect us to believe that he actually fucking uses that stuff? What a fucking tool. 

And if further proof were needed of how much of a tool he actually looks, then look no further.

Britain is stuffed

Great (and scary) video found over at Old Holborn featuring Lee Oakes

I want a ringside seat

So the Harperson has expressly denied that she has any intention of placing herself in a leadership contest should the King Cabbage for any reason no longer be PM or leader of the party.

Well, as anybody who has had even the slightest, cursory experience of politics should well know, one of the first things learnt, is when someone speaks, they are invariably lying. So in the future i look forward to seeing Harman limber up (or should that be limp up) to the ring and take her place among the growing number of back-stabbers in Browns government. Either way you know it's going to be a huge fucking shambles, and she is most likely going to end up with a kick in the clout that she will never forget. 


Saturday, 2 May 2009

Prescott has an orgasm

For the less squeamish amongst you, our beloved Jacqui is not the only one involved with dodgy videos.

I knew i'd seen the fat fucker somewhere before...

Seems as if our rather portly former Deputy PM has an embarassing skeleton in his closet.

Lying Labour cunt! My Hoon of the day.

So Charles Clarke is now ashamed of being a Labour MP is he?

Fuck off Clarke you porcine socialist gobshite! If you were really that ashamed you would have shown it by crossing the fucking floor by now. But you won't because the Labour gravy train is too fucking irresistable for the likes of you, you troughing, lard arsed twat. You are just as responsible for the present mess as all the other cunts in the cabinet, so don't get all finger pointy now you fat lying cunt. Do us all a favour and fall on something sharp and infected, just fuck the fuck off.

Gordoom apologises for fucking things up.

Friday, 1 May 2009

And the pig flew...

...Hopefully into a buliding packed with other pigs.