Sunday, 4 January 2009

2 girls, 60,441,457 mugs

I know the news is now a bit old hat, that Lord Gord says the British people should look to the spirit of the blitz or whatever it was that helped the country through the second world war, to help us weather this current financial crisis, but Gordon, don't you read the blogs? We are united in that same spirit and laughing in the face of adversity, only what you don't realise is that adversity is you, you soft cunt.

On a serious note, can anybody tell me who performs credit checks on the government? When any of us applies for a loan or mortgage or any financial service whatsoever, then naturally and quite shrewdly so, any responsible lender would do a credit check on said applicant and base their decision on what comes up on the files of Equifax or Experian or any other credit referance agency. Is anybody doing this with the government? The reason i ask is, that recently they decided they were going to borrow a not inconsiderable few billion pounds of our cash to throw at failing useless banks, to try and prop up the shit state economy caused mainly by the banks, and i don't recall being consulted about it or even informed that a credit check had taken place on the possibility of government borrowing our cash. Now i hear whispers that they are looking into the possibility of doing the same thing again, because it failed the first time. Has it gone on record at the credit referance agencies that they have defaulted on the first loan? Just asking....

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All Seeing Eye said...

Why can't I challenge Broon to a game of poker for my money back? Or chess? My cash wagered against, well, mine. Winner takes all.

Or Russian Roulette, with me emptying all of the barrels at him before it's his turn?