Wednesday, 21 January 2009

'Allo John got a new motor?

Will be back as soon as i get my head settled after a mad few weeks of rollercoaster finances. Tell me something, how does one go from being a fucking pauper who couldn't afford to run ones heating over the new year in minus 0 temperatures to being in proud possession of an 07 Peugeot 207 Sport?

Fucking desperation that's how. My old Pug has served me well bless her, she is 18 this year and she was given to me by a friend nearly 2 years ago not long before i got my licence. Only this last week she has started coming under the weather and struggling to pull off from a start and to get up a hill. Just for the hell of it the Queer one and I popped into a local used car dealer last night to see what was available and to suss what sort of stupid money we would have to shell out next month for a deposit were we to go for it. We sat in the Peugeot and immediately it wrapped itself around me, one instinctively knows when something is right, we played around with controls and what not as you do, then we went to have a look at a Ford Fiesta Style, as soon as we got in there we were both "nah no way, no life no personality nothing"

Anyway went to give the keys back to guys in dealers and tell them we'll be back next month with a deposit and see how we fare, to cut a long story short we were persuaded to go through a few things (yeah they really twisted my fucking arm there seeing as my projected time frame for the demise of the old Pug was given this weekend as a limit) and by this morning they had told me everything was go. So there we are, if I can get finance when i'm as blacklisted as fucking Washington, then it proves that they are really desperate for the fucking custom.


Window Licker said...

Nice motor. Which was more expensive - the insurance or the car? Thieving fucking insurance bastards even insisted I had a Thatcham Cat1 on my old 4x4 last year or the theft cover would be stolen from me.

The Screech said...

i was quoted 553 for fully comp with breakdown cover and courtesy car. The car in the pic isnt actually mine as i havent got a photo yet but its very much the same