Thursday, 8 January 2009

Frozen stiff

Been a while since i last posted due to my fucking hard drive packing up, nearly as big a twat as Terry cunting Christian. If i can't get into it then it looks like i'll have to buy a new one. Meanwhile, i'll have to use my daughters' pc, so i won't be posting much as it is really cramped in her bedroom, i'm six foot one and this is a two bedroom housing association shoebox we're living in. Also let's hope no trace of this fucking blog remains on her cunting computer where she can access the bastard thing, other wise she's going to get one fucking hell of a spunking english lesson isn't she?

I can't believe that none of you guys have covered this one. You have to laugh and feel sorry for him at the same time, unless he was a new labour cuntwhistle, in which case i heartily recommend you pour lashings of scorn and derision upon him. I nearly pissed my fucking knickers i was laughing that fucking hard at this in work today. I even forgot that i wanted so badly to snap the smelly ones spine.

Back as soon as

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All Seeing Eye said...

Oddly I think our circle of bloggers left it alone because we all thought he was *toast* by everyone else. Certainly I did so I left it.