Saturday, 31 January 2009

As the sun came up over the conker tree....

Hat tip to Grumpy Old Twat for the nostalgia trip. I dropped the Queer one off to work this morning and got back home, made a coffee and sat in front of the box just to channel hop and see what took my interest. Imagine my delight when i came across a channel which proclaimed Roobarb was on next ...wooohhoooooo!!!!! Then imagine my dismay as the realization slowly dawned that this was not the original series. The first give away should have been the fact that it was called Roobarb & Custard too, it was always just Roobarb. Second was that the animation was too new and clean, oh it still flickered a bit like the original but, naaaahh, it just wasn't there anymore, it was always better when it looked real dodgy, although Richard Briers still does an excellent job of the narration. It was made in 2005.

Anyway, here's a Youtube link if anybody wants to see some originals. Even my eleven year old Daughter agrees they are better, even if it was just because she hadn't seen me laugh so much in ages. It has taken me twenty minutes to pull my sides in to post this. When you hear an old fucking coffin dodger saying things like "They don't make them like they used used to.", you'd better believe they know what they are talking about.


All Seeing Eye said...

Yes, the GOTwat gave me a laugh too. But it is depressing when you read obituaries in newspapers and react with "he used to drink in my pub".

I read one last week which had me thinking "I used to play cricket with that guy".

Quite a few sites made an effort to comment on Tony Hart recently which was good to see.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the clip, great stuff.

Original versions for me, everytime, too.

Can't stand the newer versions of any cartoons. WTF do 'they' have to keep messing about with them for?
Tom & Jerry or Scooby Doo are two good examples. The originals of these, on the other hand, are still fucking brilliant!

Chairman Bill said...

Ah - Holland's Toffees! They don't make them like that anymore.

Sames goes for tuberculosis. It just ain't the killer it used to be.