Monday, 2 February 2009

Help the Aged....

....sponsor a Grandparent. 'How cute ' thought the Queer one and i as we sat watching an appeal ad during our tea. Then i nearly choked on my fucking chips when they started showing pictures of coffin dodgers in fucking India or Pakistan or some other far flung ancient out-post of the old empire. I mean for fucks sake, isn't it bad enough that we have our own Senior Citizens in this country (of all colours and denominations mind) who are in need of being looked after and sadly are let down by the misgovernment?

How could you forget about poor Uncle Sanjeev?
He looks so neglected bless him

Why the fuck, when we are neck deep in debt, arse deep in unemployment and forehead deep in brown shit should we subsidize Mr Patels forgotten old folks, when i know for a fact that half the money made by Doctors, shopkeepers & taxi drivers in this country ends up over there anyway? And they are one of the richest countries on the fucking planet.

Poor Mrs Deepak...who will
care for her in the autumn
years of her life?

Come on UK charities, get your fucking priorities right here. There are people dying and starving right here, on your doorsteps, in our streets.


Fidothedog said...

Reminds me of that ad a few years ago to sponsor abused chimps that had worked in circuses for years, or was that the same advert?

Anonymous said...

They must be having a fucking 'giraffe'!

Oi you, Grandpa Gharibuu, fuck off and make another pair of sandals. Earn your own way in life you cunt, like we try and do in this country.

Sue said...

They seem to forget how many of our own old people die of hypobloodythermia every year!

I'm fed up with overseas charities, I haven't given money to one for years.