Thursday, 5 February 2009

Light at last?

Well bend Carol Thatcher over and bugger her sideways with a Golliwog!!! I got a phone call from the C-S-Fucking-A this evening saying they are willing to review my case, and can i send evidence of my reduced wages in a SAE which they will send to me? Well at first sign of this generosity i whooped for joy "of course i can Mrs. C-S-Fucking-A woman" i said, "i'll also send you a whole shitload of other evidence which will make you shiver to your very fucking core"

I've also discovered that the bastards have only gone beyond my protected income limit. I should be left with the minimum of £150 after C-S-Fucking-A deductions, but this morning somehow i ended up with £125, now i don't know whether my works are taking the piss or not but i do intend to investigate and if it happens next week, well that wage slip will be going in as well. Mrs. C-S-Fucking-A woman said "hopefully we can review your case, the reduction might not be what you want but blah blah blah yada yada yada...." i said "any reduction would be good enough but £121 quid a week during a recession and with no spunking overtime to boot is a bit of a jolly good fucking rogering in my books, especially when i have an eleven year old daughter to feed and clothe. Here's fucking hoping.

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Anonymous said...

Fucking hell Screech, I had no idea that my Pigsy was working for the CS fucking A!
I'll have to stop her rations (or is it rashers?) until she sees sense!

On a serious note though, good luck with those blood sucking, mother fucking bastards. I've had dealings with them in the past. I too eventually managed a review and it turned out in my favour. Hope it turns out right for you too!