Saturday, 14 February 2009


Posted this with regards to Mr. Drapers' dim view in so called "racism"

Hey, Del boy, seen my latest blog?

It comes complete with a "Dollywog"
The things you say seem so insane
That i would like you to explain,

How anybody with a different view,
A view that disagrees with you,
Is by nature racist, (your favourite ace)
When you're in a corner, the card is "Race"

You can't defend your partys' stance
On foreign policy and "Bankers Chance"*
So all you do is air your voice,
On all things coloured, which try to devoid,

Us Native Brits of right to choose,
The ways and means to feed us we use.
We only want the right to live,
So please explain what choice you give?

* just a reference to the "It started in America" load of bollocks

Seeing as ole' Dolly is moderating her comments, i wonder if she will post it?

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