Friday, 13 February 2009

Not too much longer i hope

He is a man so afraid of the population knowing the truth that he has to keep us under constant surveillance. So afraid of the population he passes more and more laws to criminalize and control us. He singlehandedly allowed the economy to slide into a recession so deep it will take years to get out of it. He is a man who took no heed of warnings given while he was Chancellor of the dangers of allowing the banks to carry on as they were doing.

He has been called "A one eyed Scottish idiot" and "The biggest coward in Europe". He still believes, or would like us to believe that he has done everything in his power (God that phrase is becoming so fucking cliched that i can nearly mime what he is going to say) and has made the "right decisions". He has presided over what is probably the biggest and most insidious infiltration by an alien ideology, of a civilized western nation, that the world has ever known and has allowed it to flourish, unopposed, so much that to speak out about it has become a crime.

For fucks sake Brown!!! What more do you want? How much more do you think you can bleed this country? You are universally DESPISED inside the UK and out. How much more telling do you need you fucking stupid one eyed Scottish idiot? You KNOW that you're going to get a hammering at the next election so what are you hanging on for? Just fucking resign and take the rest of your trough-nosing, slavering cunt farts with you. Because rest assured, if you keep screwing the people of this country the way you are doing, then one day, and that day will be soon i should imagine, the people are just going to stand up and say "No! Enough! You will take no more, we are coming for you." Just doesn't register though does it Gord?

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