Monday, 9 February 2009

Freedom Food

"Dad, you can compost that" rolls eyes and puts waste food in compost bin

"Dad, what kind of pork is that?" "pork from a pig pork" Strangles daughter as she goes to check packaging.

Jesus fucking wept! What kind of a society are we living in when a class of food can be labeled "Freedom Food Endorsed" then turn your children into the food police if they think you are exercising the freedom to eat anything different. Anybody remember the scene from Nineteen Eighty Four (the Peter Cushing version) when Winston was fixing the sink for his neighbour and that horrible little brat was gobbing off? Well that's what that Sainsburys ad (wonder if our ragheaded friends are concerned) made me think of, only if that was me under the sink, the mouthy little cunt would have had a monkey wrench slammed into her fucking grid.

Oh and whilst i am on the subject of food and pigs, shut the fuck up Worral whining fat bastard, you pathetic, whinging bag of shit! Just for once, the banks or this fuck up government are not to blame for your problems, perhaps if you hadn't disappeared up your own fat arse and charged reasonable prices for your over rated, celebrity spaz slop you call food, then you might still have a steady customer base. As it is i hope you drown in a barrel of your own lard!

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Alex said...

'The little cunt' is a friend of mine and is actually a really nice person to know. Not the brat she is shown to be in the adverts :) So think about that next time you consider whacking a monkey wrench into her grid.