Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Big freeze...

Well so much for the major blizzards, by the time i got out of work this afternoon it was all but gone.

Still i managed to give the lads a giggle during morning break by making a fucking snow angel....yes the country is going to hell in a handcart, and The Screech is amusing himself by being a silly cunt in the snow. It was fucking cold when i got up and all the snow from the back of my legs dropped into my boots.


Anonymous said...

I was really disappointed that we didn't have as much snow as predicted.

Fucking useless forecasters!

I love the snow. Messing about in it like a big kid.
Building snowmen and such like.

Fair play to you for doing 'the angel'.
Nice one.

Screech said...

what the fuck, the snow may be a nuisance, but when it is here make the most of it i say, no point in being eternally miserable, you only have one life so live it and fuck the broonies