Thursday, 26 February 2009

Britain is truly FUCKED. (A monologue on Chavdom)

Just got word of the loss of Wendy Richards due to cancer. We have known for maybe a year or more that she had this terrible disease and now at last she has peace after a stormy time.

But it has brought a real cauldron of rage seething to my surface, when i realize that Wendy had been all but forgotten whilst the Jade Goody Circus has been in town. I'm not laying into Jade here in any way or form, but this just goes to show how fucked up the media, and the stupid bloody chav orientated "entertainment" in this country really is. On one hand we have a real English Rose who has been truly entertaining the masses for thirty years or more, whether with her talent or with her charm and has been loved back in equal amounts, retires from the public eye (whether or not due to her illness i'm not sure since the announcements of both were so close together) and then releases said bad news which is received with traditional British reserve and cap doffing.

On the other hand we have....Jade! Like i said recently, i personally have nothing to hate her for and wish her the best, but the fucking media jamboree that has sprung up around her, probably only due to her young age, has been fucking horrendous!! Aside from the possibility that it was a "good time to bury bad news" you have to wonder at the gullibility of the modern British People, when a "reality tv star" with nothing whatsoever under her belt as a real celebrity draws the tears of a nation with greater ease than a real Angel of the Realm.

God rest You Wendy.
We will miss you.
You deserve peace now love.

R.I.P. British Common Sense

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Fidothedog said...

You just know that when the uber-chav go's off to that housing benefit cheque in the sky, that the flags will be at half mast.

Telly will be filled with celebs wittering on about how they loved her etc etc.

Then the one eyed trouser pisser, bottler, nail chewer and all round uber cunt Gordon Brown will donate time in the mother of Parliaments to Jade Goody.

Closely followed by Cameron and whoever the fuck is running the Lib Dems this week.

Also if Max Clifford is so good at PR why does everyone think he is a cunt?