Saturday, 14 February 2009


For GOT, a challenge laid..... a challenge answered.

Ok, i know that it's not up to the standards of the late, lamented Tractor Stats, but hey, someone has to pick up the baton.

I can just picture, in my minds' eye, old Dolly flicking her head to the left, and pursing her bottom lip, to blow the left side locks from her left eye and forehead (i should know being a long haired cunt myself)


Anonymous said...

Ha ha.
A most fucking excellent Dollywog!

Dolly looks like a right pussydick, suits him.

Good old TS is an inspiration to us all.
And, as my old dad used to say (God bless), never mind the quality - feel the width.

Screech said...

...errrr as long as it isn't a permanent incarnation of old "one eyed scottish idiots'" width, which i suspect that we are all feeling at the moment, then i would imagine that there is hope after all.