Monday, 16 February 2009

At what price?

See the way these people teach their children pure hatred from the time they can talk?

What is there to love about an ideology that preaches so much hate?
If there was as much hatred and intolerance for others in my society then i would seriously question whether my society would be worth preserving.

What? There is? Oh silly me, i forgot about Screaming lord Abdabs threatening to motivate 10,000 angry Muslims to come down to parliament if they let Geert wilders in(tolerant British multicultural society)

And i almost forgot Anjem Choudary (tolerant British multicultural society)

And i nearly forgot about all those bearded bigmouths in London protesting against the cartoons, demanding the beheading of those who insult Islam (again tolerant British multicultural society)

Now we cant even have pizzas with meat from humanely killed animals for fucks sake. Hat tip to Tory Poppins via Grumpy Old Twat for this one.

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