Friday, 13 February 2009

Non punishment of the century

Just been watching Traffic Cops, i love watching those shows as it always gives me a feeling of smug, righteous self importance to see Britains chavs getting the trouncing they so righteously desreve (desreve? Fucking hell i must have been pissed. I meant deserve) on national TV whilst denying they were ever even there, even though the cops have the evidence. Is it only wishful thinking that i imagine the boys in blue giving the feral scumbags a good kicking just out of camera and mic shot?

Anyway i digress, they arrested a thirteen and a half year old lad running away from a stolen, crashed Nissan Micra, and the punishment for such a crime? A 12 month supervision order and 12 months ban from driving. So luckily for him by the time he is 14 & 1/2, he will be able to drive again.

Eh? Come again? A twelve months ban from driving? Fucking hell, the kid was 13 & 1/2 for christs sake, something which by law automatically disqualifies him from being allowed behind the wheel. So what the fuck good is telling him he is banned from driving going to do? He already knows he isn't supposed to drive yet he did, so what makes the stupid fucking courts think that just because they ban him he won't do it again? And these judges/social workers/liaison officers or whatever non job they hold, have allegedly been through our education system and got degrees in law and other higher mortal qualifications and are supposed to be our social betters who know what's best for us? Bring out the clown suits boys and start flinging flans, it could only happen in a circus.

Incidentally, how are any future shows of that ilk going to fare after next mondays fiasco?

Mind how you go.

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