Saturday, 28 February 2009

Mystic Bill

Just thinking about the immigrant situation in this country earlier on when i suddenly remembered an episode from my teens. There was this old man in my street called Mr. Saunders, you know the type he must have been born aged ninety because he never aged in all the time i lived there, and we always used to chat to the old boy about loads of things, but one day while he was creosoting his fence he just stopped me and my friend while we were walking past and said "this used to be a bloody great town before all them nig nogs started moving in". We were fucking gobsmacked, never thought this gentle old fella capable of such (then unheard of) sacrelige. Looking back and after nearly wetting myself, i realize that there were only a handful of black families living in Newport at that time and most of them were down in the Pill area with a few foreigners of other denominations scattered around. Most of them were fairly happy to get on and work back then despite some local bitterness (due to ignorance more than anything) and pay their way. I thought back then that the old fella was just being a bit grumpy having never had much to do with them before.

But looking at the shower of shit that has been flowing across our borders in the last ten to fifteen years, i sometimes wonder if that old soldier had some sort of crystal fucking ball because he must have had some foresight of what this fucking country was going to be like in the future.

Cap doff to Billy Saunders...a doddery but farsighted old cunt.

Anyway, im fucking off over Fidos later for some long anticipated alcohol abuse, see you all later if im sober enough.


Tory Poppins said...

I second that! Bravo

it's either banned or compulsory said...

My live-in great grandma was a mad old cunt. I brought my mixed heritage junior schoolmate home one day but she opened the door with " no blackies ! "
We had to sit on the wall for a bit till my mum got home from work.

Sue said...

East End of London where I come from is just the same!