Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A bit of light?

Recently got a phone call from the C-S-FUCKING-A. They have agreed to drop my payments by half for three months so that i can get some other, more pressing financial issues sorted, then back up in June but to £100, which hopefully i can just about live with.

The quicker this nonsense is over the fucking better. If it wasn't for those fuckers hammering me when they did and my works dropping overtime, then i would have been somewhat cushioned during the recession but there we go. At least work is picking up a little too, due to the unfortunate going to the wall of some of my firms competitors, i know that sounds a little harsh, i don't wish job losses and firm folding on anybody, but i'm just thankful i still have a job. Fucking one eyed, trouser pissing, Scottish idiot.


Anonymous said...

Well done you. One over on the CSA is a rare thing indeed. Cunts.

BTW, thought I'd knock up a CSA image for you if you'd like? For future use. Highly offensive of course.

Screech said...

carry on mate cheers