Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Dear Jim

Dear James Gordon Brown,

We, the taxpaying citizens of the United Kingdom, and therefore by default, your employers, do hereby give you one months notice of termination of your employment as Unelected Prime Minister of said Kingdom. This is for many reasons, a few of which are laid out below.

1. Within a few years of your government coming to power and with you presiding as Chancellor, a £52Bn black hole was discovered in pension funds, a black hole which was never satisfactorily explained, leaving people who were hoping for a decent retirement very much out of pocket in the autumn years of their lives.

2. Your refusal to accept any blame whatsoever for the current financial crisis. Since you became Unelected PM (and still haven't given us any say in the matter) you have presided over what has to be the biggest economical mess since the Second World War. You blamed the United States for starting it all, when in fact you have done nothing to alleviate any of the problems caused by your ineptitude as either PM or as Chancellor. Your willingness to let borrowing spiral out of control, with no hope of borrowers paying back stupid money, whilst allowing greedy bankers to award themselves unprecedented crazy bonuses using taxpayers cash has lead to this disaster you call an economy.

3. Surveillance. Along with your megalomaniacal Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, you have let this country become a surveillance state with over 4.2 million CCTV cameras operating on our streets, you have passed more than 3000 laws and regulations onto the statute books, claiming that it is "for our own good" and "if we have nothing to hide then we've nothing to fear". Wrong on both counts Gordon, last i looked i was nearly 42 years old, mature enough in my own mind to decide what is for the good of my family and myself, and yes i have plenty to hide, everybody does, but what i have to hide does not concern you or your interfering nosey government. I have nothing to prove to you.

4. Immigration. You removed border controls thereby allowing untold thousands of immigrants into this country, allowed them to sponge benefits to send home to their families while they themselves undercut British workers putting them out of jobs in turn. And don't get me started on "British Jobs for British Workers". You couldn't even begin to comprehend what it means to be British in a country where 1 in 10 of the population wasn't even born here, which leads me to....

5. Dhimmitude, yes Gordon that thorn in the side of the country which you refuse to remove, which could be done so easily. You allow the bearded, big mouthed preachers of hate to shout their spite and spout their shite on our streets, calling for death to Britain, Shariah Law instead of State Law, you stand by whilst they openly threaten to kill our people and tell us that under Shariah, any woman on her own without a burqua is a legitimate target for rape. Indeed you rub your hands with glee while teachers are sacked for standing up against an alien ideology which is infesting our schools and places of work, shops and supermarkets are replacing traditional products with "halal" products so as not to offend our "peaceful" friends, etc....etc....

6. We don't like you.

7. We hate you.

8. We didn't elect you.

I could go on Gordon but i only have one lifetime and i intend to make the most of it, and i am sure that you will have enough to do, what with clearing out your desk and office and such and handing the keys over to someone we decide to employ. If any of us had screwed up the company we work for (or in some cases used to work for) with the magnitude and contempt with which you have all but destroyed this country, then we would have been up the road, no questions asked, not so much as a buy your leave, maybe even ended up in court or prison, so i think you are getting off very lightly in view of what you've done.

In closing may i take this opportunity to wish you all the best of luck for the future, you will need it in this harsh climate which is all of your own making, i hope you're very proud.


Fidothedog said...

Like it!

Screech said...

feel free to use it mate, while we still have that freedom of speech, then use it.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

"shout their spite and spout their shite" Nice !

How about Dave introducing a debate in the house recommending a reduction in the pay of the Prime Minister for the reasons you outline ?
It can be done.

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