Monday, 23 March 2009

Feel the Love


Anonymous said...

Another brilliant vid Screech, well done.

It really is all a bit worrying though isn't it?

Btw, tried to nick the last one to put on my place but couldn't do it. If you don't mind me asking, and if you don't mind me nicking it, how do I copy these vids over?

Screech said...

ive no idea mate, fido would be the best bet to ask, im just picking this shit up as i go along. If i find out anything ill let you know asap

Screech said...

ps got another one going on real soon, might amuse you :D

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Grumpy; go to Tools in your toolbar ( top right, gearwheel thingey)
Click 'internet options' > delete > delete files

wait a bit while tempororary internet files are cleared from your computer.
Then play the vid required.

Return to Tools > internet options > settings ( top one )> view files.

Right click on listed TIFs, " arrange icons by SIZE or LAST MODIFIED ".

Left click on file icon ( left of screen, it will be the biggest one or the last one, clearly different from the others ) and copy to your documents or wherever. Result will be a .flv file which can be played with a .flv player ( free at )

Rename the file "whateveryouwant.flv" You MUST finish with ".flv" inc "." dot!

Alternativly, use to download ( all it does is the above but automatically ).

Lastly, use a file converter to turn the .flv file into one uploadable at Youtube, simple !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the top tip EBC.

Problem is I don't have one of those gear things on my Mac. I can see what I need to try and do though now.
I'll just have to try and get my 'inadeqaute tech head' around it!

Thanks again.

Old Bag said...

well, those toes look very suspicious to me..all hanging around on the bed, just waiting to go on the nick at spar...