Sunday, 15 March 2009

To waste a weekend

Apologies for any out of date info and figures on pics, after saving it i couldn't be arsed changing stuff. If the video doesn't work this time...then fuck it.


Old Bag said...

the fucking cunting video stops at 9 seconds!!..perhaps thats all the time needed to dedicate to gordoom cunting bollocking brown.

Screech said...

Bollocks, this is the first time i've attempted this sort of shit. I'll remove it and try it another way, if that doesn't work then i'll give Fido a buzz when he's finished partying, he's good at this shit.

Anonymous said...

Ey up.
Looks like I've missed something here.
I'll pop back later!

Old Bag said...

well done me old wanker! it worked this time! now go and wet your pants in honor of our most esteemed leader!!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Screech.
Fucking loved it!

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Works just fine and duly stolen by me.
An excellent investment of your weekend.