Saturday, 14 March 2009

What changed?

I have been ploughing through the book "Gordon Brown Prime Minister" by Tom Bower and have been amazed by how the one eyed trouser wetting Scottish idiot world saver changes his ideals to suit his circumstances.

"In the back of his mind lurked new doubts about [John] Smiths' tolerance of corruption in his local party"


"Brown himself was uneasy with Englands' growing multiculturalism".

The only reason these two lines stuck out more than anything was the fact that they were both printed on the same page. I'm sure that there are more i could bring up but i would need a good supply of sick bags....what a cunt.


Houdini said...

Brown loves multiculturalism because 80% of ethnics and muslims vote Labour (fact) and he needs to keep the fuckers on his side. These fucking scrotes will keep the twats in some tight seats.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I doubt whether many Hindus are fond of Brown or Labour.
Muslims I have spoken to object to the demonisation of Christianity because they regard it as anti-religeon in general.