Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Don't fuck with US

Dear Moh,

Oh dear oh dear oh dear...oh deary deary me... I see your bearded, bigmouthed arse-sniffers are at it again, biting the hand that feeds them as usual. They can't let an event go by without trying to lower the tone can they? A homecoming parade in Luton for some of our brave servicemen The Royal Anglian Regiment was spoiled by a bunch of your bum boys popping off at the gob, as ever, calling them cowards and killers and calling the government "terrorists". Yes Moh...terrorists!!!! I must admit that i almost choked on my Earl Grey when i read that one. Now i know the British government (if this current shambles can indeed be called such) is guilty of many things such as subsidising your mullah mates, but terrorism??? This government couldn't be trusted to organize the proverbial piss up in a brewery (maybe because they are all but out of business due to systematic pub closures). Yes this government are so terrorist that they actually sent a line of our finest boys in blue to protect your fanatical friends, from the backlash which was brewing among the natives.

Just who the fuck do these cunts think they are?

Yes Moh....a backlash!!! Not something they were expecting was it? Your buddies have been shouting at us and rattling sabres in our streets and on our TV screens virtually unopposed for so long now, that they have got complacent. They thought they would never have to face anybody having a go back for fear of being branded racist.

Aaahh, would ya look at them there with their little placards?

But guess what Moh? The natives of this country are now almost at snapping point, they have had enough of being ground down and overtaxed by this government, their piss has almost boiled to evaporation with being told they can't have jobs because Johnny Foreigner is cheaper, fed up with cameras watching their every move and then being told we have to tolerate your pals, who make up just 3% of the population, yes Moh just 3% and yet they want superiority over the natives. If they really want such a system where they can feel superior, then they can always fly over to countries where i am sure they will be only too glad to allow them to pour anger and derision upon the host government and pay them handsome state benefits and house them for the privelige, because the good people of this country are saying "NO MORE!" They are in the mood now and anybody who stands in the way will be a "Legitimate Target" i think are the words your friends use? What they saw yesterday, may just be the beginning of the backlash, they are just 3 fucking percent, they will have to realize that they are still in the minority. Let's see for how much longer they will be banging their gums for their system of things when faced with our rage. They will run like the yellow, shithanded cowards they are.


Sue said...

Well said, fuckers!

Fidothedog said...

WTF is with these muzzies? Fuckers can't even be bothered to get dressed to go a protesting, still got their nightclothes on!

Jesus, sorry Allah wept. Lazy bastards.

Like the old joke of why don't blacks let their kids marry moslems? They don't want them to lazy to steal.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

To quote your previous article

"shout their spite and spout their shite"

Let 'em carry on and see where it gets them.

Man in a Shed said...

Don't these guys have access to any colour printers ?

Having said that does their 'prophet' support lazer printer's. After all they never had such things in the good old Caliphate.