Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Digital revolution?

As we all know, by 2012 all radio and TV signals in the UK will be switched permanently from the old Analogue system to Digital. Personally i have no problem with this as digital signal is far superior to analogue given that there is no interference and such. But what i would be panicking about, is the current little choice of digital radios in the stores at present. By that i mean HI-FI etc.

Ok you have your dedicated DAB radios at about 30 notes a throw, but try and get a midi system or combined CD/Cassette/radio/mP3 player whatever you call it these days (they were called music centres back in my day) with a digital radio and they just aren't there. And the DAB things are about as much use as an ashtray on a fucking motorbike. The night shift boys in work have one and although it has great reception, you can't hear the bastard thing because the volume level is so shit you'd swear it was designed by some doddery old cunt who hates music. I've heard that this is quite a common beef with those things, though this is a pretty cool looking one as things go. But the big name Hi-Fi people had better get their act together because it's only three years away, and i want to buy a Hi-Fi with digital before then (and it's got to be a fucking Kenwood), with a big fuck off volume dial with NO fucking limit set by some old bastard who doesn't like personal stereos on the bus. The one in the picture is just an example. What happened to the days when you could proudly boast a "huge fuck off you bet your bollocks it was expensive" stereo in your room and be the envy of your mates, and piss the fuck out of your neighbours by cranking it up while Saxon or Judas Priest were on? These days everything is geared to small, what's the point of saving space if you got fuckall to put in it. Is it just me or does a tiny docking staion with it's inevitable tiny ipod/mp3 player, look fucking incongruous in the corner of a big room where a hifi used to sit? Oh and it had better have phono plugs in the back for my fucking turntable too.

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