Friday, 6 February 2009

Clarkson is now cool in my book

I never was too enamoured of that curly haired, opinionated, big mouthed cunt on top gear, never was too bothered about the program either. I didn't hate them but neither did i love them. But since the joke about truckers, Clarkson went right up in my esteem and recently, with the remark about our clueless, unelected PM i thought 'fuck, yeah, at last someone with the spine to say something publicly'. Then i switch on the news this evening to find that he has apologized, not for calling him an idiot, but taking the piss out of his appearance. What the fuck did he do that for? If the PM can't handle a little bit of piss taking then he is certainly not cut out for the job of running a country is he?

And the thing that tickles me about all of this is that The Royal National Institute for Blind People have jumped on this particular bandwagon. Chief executive Lesley-Anne Alexander said "Any suggestion that equates disability with incompetence is totally unacceptable" What's the matter Lesley? Takings down during the recession are they love? Feel the need to jump to the fore because no-one pays you any more attention these days? Now, i've no problem with the charity as i think blind people as much as anybody with any other disability should receive any assistance they require which is available to them, but Lesley-Anne, please, shut the fuck up and go back to strolling round the high street shaking your money can, firstly Clarkson was taking the piss out of Brown, not blind people and secondly the PM is a fucking big boy (insert fat jokes here) and if he has a problem with Clarkson then he can bloody well take it up with the man himself. He doesn't need your skirts to hide behind. As i said earlier if he can't take a bit of ribbing, especially at a time that we all need a good laugh, then he is clearly, in the words of former Home Secretary John Reid "not fit for purpose". Now we know that already anyway, but a sense of humour is a requirement for the job. Jesus H Christ! What is it lately with all these uncalled for defenders, coming to the defence of someone they think needs defending without even asking those who they think need defending if they actually want defending? Just fuck off!!! Oh and before you go, pass me a scotch on ice and don't let the door hit you in the back of the head on the way out.


Anonymous said...

Excellent rant.
Top fucking notch!

All Seeing Eye said...

Loved it. You can tell it came from the heart - good one.