Saturday, 7 February 2009

"would you like cash back sir?"

It occured to me last night, going back over my bank statements until mid 2007, that my bank has been charging me silly amounts for being overdrawn. Well i knew this anyway as i have covered it in an earlier rant, but what i failed to see up until last night, was that if i totalled it all up, it comes to round about £1500.00p.

Now a chap i was speaking to last night said it doesn't matter what the charges are for, they are way overcharging me for what i have done, so i'm going to be seeing about getting that back as well, i only mention this because i saw a personal reg plate i want for my car and they want £289 for it, so if i can get my cash back and they still have the plate then happy fucking days. I'm sick and tired of being kicked in the teeth by the world, so now the worlds feet are going to be met with concrete gum shields.

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