Friday, 6 February 2009

Golly gosh

Quotes from Richard Littlejohns' article on GollyGate

The controller of BBC1, Jay Hunt, says it was heard by a dozen people but, again, gives no context. She also denies it was a private conversation because it took place on BBC premises.

Hunt insists it would still be 'inappropriate' if Thatcher had said it in her own home, but adds graciously: 'It is not within my remit to control what she says at home.'

Well golleeeeee Ms Hunt! So if something was said between two or three people on BBC territory, no matter that it was not 'on record' so to speak, then that conversation automatically gives you the right to say that it isn't private? Well, i suppose we've come to expect nothing different from the ministry of truth have we?

" It is not within my remit to control what she says at home" oh but i bet you wish it fucking was don't you? I'm surprised you haven't even gone that far yet. Who the fuck do you cuntholes think you are? Just shut the fuck up and start reporting some real cunting news.

Incidentally, i noticed Wikipedia are afraid to say the 'G' word too...spineless cunts


it appears that the reference to "Gollies" in the wikipedia article i linked to has mysteriously disappeared. Now how or why did that come about i wonder?

Update on the wait, they still mention it here

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